Hi Im David, from Belfast Northern Ireland. As this knowledge was revealed to me , I am passing it on to you. I have currently written a commentary to the English version of the gospel of Mary and have written a few lessons on 2nd century classic Gnosis. I can guide you in the meaning of the sayings and how they fit in the Gnostic worlds system. If you feel a calling to this path, message me at the contact tab. Are you stuck or just confused ? Ask me any questions and i will answer as best i can but it will be in context of non I non duality. 

Qualifications : Third level crown chakra activated. Initiated into the secrets of Kundalini , tantra and the ancient path of Brahman Jhana (hidden since the 8th century).

About me:

So who is DavidC ?

I’m a resident of Belfast, Northern Ireland. I did a year stint as a 1 year Tibetan Buddhist monk in Scotland, Samye ling Tibetan centre. I have been practicing tibetan buddhism since 1993, before that hindui mantras. I lived in London for many years and meet the Dalai Lama in 1995. Over many years I practiced many different types of practices though I settled down with one and I still practice it today. I have studied under a formless teacher for many years who was very direct, no religious views. I was walking down my street when the light shone (suddenly Gnosis became very clear (nobody gets enlightened). Since this I have been running a number of fb pages but this one became more and more important.

Why I do this .

I run this page, group and blog for one reason. What is being taught today by many teachers is far from the truth of oneness. Why ? Because nobody seems to understand the 3 realms which is the very key to unlocking Gnosis. Gnosis is a simple and ancient truth but it is not easy to take onboard. The thing is that if nobody mentions and talks openly about oneness then no body hears it and everybody thinks religion leads to oneness. The end result is more and more people get trapped in the dreaming after we leave here. So this page, group and blog is here to be a lamp pointing to the monad before thoughts, objects, ideas. This is the same monad as taught in the secret book of John (Sethian Gnosis). The truth of one eternal soul is hidden in the gnostic gospels, maybe you can see it. This one soul is the hidden secret of the sufi. All my posts point to it. I reveal the inner mechanics of discernment.

(On a side note) the most difficult practice I have done is 3 fasting retreats. In 1993 i experienced fixing, holding and absorbtion meditation dyhana. It’s easier to focus my mind now.

I work full time in broadband tech support.

Sometimes I will mention some very weird kundalini events. These images, beings, places are part of the universal mind and can cause a sudden recognition (change of awareness).


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