The human conscience is a prisoner of its own self-centeredness.
This state of consciousness will never be the basis of the initiation process.
Those who want to follow the initiation path must overcome themselves. For those who overcome themselves can become capable of truly loving and serving humanity and the world.

The Initiation Path has different aspects:

Self – knowledge – becoming aware of your own self-centeredness;

Connection – establishing the initial and conscious connection with the Real Being
and overcoming self-centeredness;

New Consciousness – through this initial connection, transform thinking, feeling and acting,
which allows the emergence of a new consciousness;

Spiritual Consciousness – through continuous work, the new consciousness develops and matures, fully uniting with the Real Being;

Transmutation – Spiritual awareness triggers an energetic transformation of the vehicles of the personality, focusing on its most subtle aspects;

New Vitality – The energetic transformation moves towards an organic transformation,
which results in a totally new vital energy;

Reintegration – Reintegrated into the universe, the new human being becomes
a servant of the world and humanity.


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